Light a candle. Spark a memory.

Freshly baked banana bread. Clean laundry on the line.
A warming cup of spiced tea.

Scent can lift our spirits and transport us to a cherished memory. At Wix Wax Candle Company our mission is to make it easy for you to create an always welcoming home with your perfect scents poured by hand using
high-quality soy wax!

Your Regular Dose of Delight

Keep your home smelling delicious with monthly subscription options!

Scent-A-Bration Wax Melt Edition

For the scent-lover that prefers a wax melt, the Wax Melt Box is the perfect subscription for you! Each monthly box helps you spruce up your space with wonderful scents in your selected scent family.


Scent-A-Bration Box

Candle-lovers rejoice! Never worry about running out of the candles and wax melts that delightfully scent your space and help you make or recollect cherished memories. The monthly Scent-A-Bration Box is ready to keep you stocked up on candles and wax melts in monthly curated collections!


COTM Scent-sational Wax Melt Sampler


Candle of the Month Club

When’s the last time you took your nose on a scent-venture? As a member of the Candle of the Month Club, you’ll explore a new scent every month with a fantastic scent creation available exclusively in the club!


Wax and Wardrobe Club

"Welcome to an exclusive experience where style meets scent - our unique T-shirt and Candle Monthly Subscription! Each month, we'll deliver a little package of joy right to your doorstep, featuring a custom-themed T-shirt and a hand-picked candle, perfectly pairing fashion with fragrance. The magic doesn't stop at apparel. Complementing your T-shirt, you'll receive a beautifully scented candle to set the mood in your space. The best part? You have the power to choose the scent! From soothing lavenders to invigorating citruses, each candle is a sensory journey, carefully selected to enhance your mood and ambiance.  


It's Springtime!
Whether it is the fragrance of blooming flowers, fresh grass, or rain-kissed earth this collection has something for everyone.



Looking for the latest?

Brighten your space with a unique dough bowl candle or classic jar candle.

Curious about Candle of the Month Club?
Now's your chance to try out previous Candle of the Month Exclusive Scents with our Scent-sational Wax Melt Sampler for only $9.95!

Want to get the most out of your wax melts?

If you’re a scent lover with a collection of wax melts stacked on shelves, you probably wonder how to use them when you don’t have them in your burner filling your home with delightful scent. 

Grab this free guide to find out 10 creative ways to use your wax melts to keep SO MANY aspects of life smelling scent-sational!

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Brighten your space with a unique dough bowl candle or classic jar candle.

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