How it Began

After raising her kids and battling cancer, Amy Hoadley was feeling bummed out and demotivated about life (let alone starting a business). One day, a surprise delivery of a bunch of heavy boxes with her name on them left her annoyed and confused. She called her husband, Jim, to see if he knew what was up. Jim told Amy to open the boxes, which contained candle making supplies, and go after her dreams! 

10 years later, and Amy remains committed to building community with her customers and delivering them standout scented products that uplift their spirits and make their home a happily scented space! All Wix Wax Candle products are lovingly crafted and hand poured by Amy and her team from high-quality soy wax and fragrances.

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Wix Wax Candles loves creating the perfect custom product to meet your needs! Reach out using the contact form to get started, or drop us a line with any other requests.

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