Christmas Collection Scented Rustic Wooden Cheese Mold Candle

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your farmhouse style? Our Cheese Mold Candles are the perfect addition! They have a rustic look and feel that will add character to any room. You’ll love how this candle fills your room with a warm, inviting glow. It will fill your home with a warm, inviting fragrance that will make you feel right at home.


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Old-time classic Christmas tree scent!

Has the aroma of freshly ground cinnamon bark.

This fragrance has a wonderful blend of bayberries and cranberries with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark with hints of orange zests.


Smells just like a freshly-baked, buttery Christmas Cookie with frosting.


The wonderful Christmas combination of apples, oak, balsam, fir, and pine, with a background of cinnamon and clove.

A bubbly, magical blend of candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup, with effervescent spicy soda pop bubbles to provide a unique, magical top note. Creativity and uniqueness like you've never experienced!

This holiday season, have fun, laugh a little, and embrace a good sense of humor. This fragrance will lift your holiday spirits, and add a little magic to your life! It has a magical blend of apples, pears, Eucalyptus, Pine, vanilla, cedar, and patchouli.

Experience the heartwarming embrace of the holiday season with our Christmas Cheer scent. This enchanting blend combines the spicy warmth of clove and mulled pear, complemented by the bright, fruity notes of green apple and orange. In the heart of this scent, you'll discover the comforting harmony of fir balsam and clove-infused cinnamon.

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