Specialty Box!

"Introducing our "Zesty Lemon " Wax Melt Box: Get Ready to Tantalize Your Senses with a Citrus Celebration!"




Prepare for a citrus symphony that will zestify your world with our “Zesty Lemon” Wax Melt Box! Bursting with tangy delight and a hint of playful pizzazz, this collection will whisk you away to a lemon-infused paradise, where freshness and zing rule the roost.

Crack open the box and brace yourself for an explosion of lemony goodness! Each wax melt is like a slice of sunshine, radiating bright yellow hues and releasing a burst of vibrant lemon fragrance that will have your nose doing a happy dance. It’s as if a lemon orchard decided to have a party in your living room!

You get 5 packages of wax melts!!

  • Wax melt cube
  • a bag of lemon shapes
  • a box of wax bark
  • a clamshell
  • the letters “LEMON”


5 in stock (can be backordered)