Spring Vegan Soy Wax Dots

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Attention to detail is what makes Wix Wax Candle Company’s 100% Soy Wax Dots so special. In addition to the long-lasting extra fragrance oil, we hand pour our wax dots to make them just perfect. Soy wax burns clean and long. Just take a couple of dots out and put them in a wax warmer and allow the scent fill your favorite space.

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Our cherry blossom candle is fresh and exotic all at once. Sweet florals like cherry blossom and mimosa float over the warmth of tonka bean, vanilla, and wood. That perfectly Zen mix of sweet and sultry makes this candle a customer fave.

Our fresh linen scent will make your home smell fresh and clean. We hand-pour each one, packing it with breezy florals like jasmine and lilac, sensuous musk, and a bit of vanilla. It’s as soft and inviting as fresh, clean sheets.

Baby powder is such a soft, nostalgic scent. We fill our candles with extra fragrance oil so the clean, powdery sweetness lasts. If you love the classic fresh fragrance of baby powder, this candle is perfect for you!

Dandelion Pear: A crisp, invigorating blend of fresh pear with the subtle, earthy undertones of dandelion greens, capturing the essence of a sunlit meadow in spring

Classic lavender is so clean and calming. We practically pack all the lavender fields of Provence into each candle so your home will be filled with a relaxing aroma. Turn your home into an oasis with this peaceful candle.

Lilacs are the great harbinger of spring, and we captured their fleeting fragrance in this amazing candle. The sweet, heady floral will fill your home with classic elegance and make everything seem fresh and new.

Nothing is as fresh and inviting as the classic scent of lemons. Our lemon candle is packed with double-fragrance oil, so this energizing scent will fill your home with a bright pop of citrus. It’s simple, clean, and perfectly inviting.

Our fresh linen candle will make your home smell fresh and clean. We hand-pour each one, packing it with breezy florals like jasmine and lilac, sensuous musk, and a bit of vanilla. It’s as soft and inviting as fresh, clean sheets.

Blood orange has a deep citrus aroma that is fresh, inviting, and herbaceous. It will fill your home with the fresh fragrance of a sweet, sliced orange.

No wonder cucumber melon is such a popular scent; it’s fresh, fruity, and perfectly summery. We pack as much of this bright and juicy fragrance as possible into every candle so that there’s even more to love!

A deep, mesmerizing scent that melds the sharp freshness of rain on the pavement with the warm, comforting embrace of earth and wood, evoking the serene intensity of a tempestuous night

A rich, authentic essence that conjures the grounding aroma of moist soil and tender roots, evoking the nurturing spirit of a freshly tended garden

A serene, herbal bouquet that harmoniously blends the soothing calm of lavender with the subtle, cleansing notes of sage, creating a tranquil retreat for the senses

A playful explosion of sweet, fruity delight, mingling the sugary rush of assorted flavors with a hint of vanilla, capturing the joyful essence of childhood in every whiff

A vibrant, refreshing scent that captures the exhilarating essence of open skies, crisp air, and the lushness of green forests, invigorating the senses with nature's purest breath

A warm, comforting blend of spicy cinnamon, sweet carrots, and a hint of vanilla frosting, encapsulates the cozy, homemade essence of this beloved dessert

Take a trip to the Mediterranean with this classic, citrusy bergamot candle! Bergamot is a delicate citrus fragrance with hints of white florals that will lift your mood and brighten your home. With extra bergamot fragrance oil, the cheerful scent will linger for hours.

With a mix of cheery citrus and a hint of vanilla and ginger, our clementine candle is good enough to eat! Just like those tiny cuties, this sweet candle packs a tart punch. With a fragrance reminiscent of sweet tarts, it’s the perfect candle to brighten your day.

Everything about this candle is fresh, clean, and inviting! The fragrance is bursting with florals like tuberose and jasmine with hints of powder, musk, citrus, and wood fluttering in behind. It’s like standing in the sunshine watching laundry dry in the breeze. Burn this candle whenever you want to freshen up your space a little!

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