Your Scent Personality is: Sweet & Fruity

You can’t get enough of the sweet things in life! You’d love nothing more than receiving a lovely box of candy or enjoying your favorite fruity cocktail with a friend.

Your Scent-Sational Profile

You’re likely a baker (or at least enjoy a bakery treat) and may find earthy scents found in the Woods & Spice category too intense. From Coconut to Blueberry Cobbler, the scents found in the Wix Wax Candle Fruity & Sweet family will be the perfect match for creating the sweet and bright environment you’re looking for.

Sweet & Fruity

Smells like: Having your toes in the sand and a pina colada in hand, sugary confections, and the peak of fresh-picked summer produce.

Common Notes: Sugar, Vanilla, Berries

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