Baby Powder

Baby powder is such a soft, nostalgic scent. We fill our candles with extra fragrance oil so the clean, powdery sweetness really lasts. If you love the classic fresh fragrance of baby powder, this candle is perfect for you!


Classic lavender is so clean and calming. We practically pack all the lavender fields of Provence into each candle so your home will be filled with the relaxing aroma. Turn your home into an oasis with this peaceful candle.


Lilacs are the great harbinger of spring, and we captured their fleeting fragrance in this amazing candle. The sweet, heady floral will fill your home with classic elegance and make everything seem fresh and new.

Love Spell

Fall under the sparkling floral spell of this bright and flirty candle! With hints of citrus and berries snuggled up with sultry white musk, you’ll fall in love with this long lasting, fragrance-rich candle.


Fill your home with the classic romance of fresh cut roses. With double the scent of most candles, your home will bloom with this sweet, floral fragrance. This summery scent is a classic you can enjoy all year round.

Voodoo Love

Bring the magic of the Caribbean into your home with our Voodoo love candle! Tropical florals float over a base of luscious coconut to cast a warm and sensuous spell over your space. There is so much to love about this long lasting, mystical scent!